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Pediatric services offered in Bokeelia, FL

Parents spend a great deal of time working to make sure their kids have everything needed to thrive. For many in Bokeelia, Florida, Daniel L. W. Hanley, MD, and the team at Ancuram Family Medicine are a wonderful resource for pediatric services. Call or click to schedule a visit today to ensure your child is as healthy as possible.

Pediatric Q&A

What is pediatric care?

Pediatric care is an area of medical practice centered on meeting the needs of children from birth and into early adulthood. Finding the right pediatric specialist helps parents feel confident about giving their kids the best possible start in life. 

It’s important to find a practitioner you feel comfortable with. If your child is older, choose a professional they like. These early visits shape the way your child thinks about health and wellness care, and positive experiences increase the chance your child will continue to prioritize their health throughout their adult life. 

Why is pediatric care so important?

Routine pediatric visits, commonly called well baby or well child visits, ensure children receive the screenings and assessments needed to stay healthy. This is the setting where your little one gets the vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

During each newborn and infant care visit, your child’s provider gathers information about your baby’s length and weight. Comparing this against statistics from many other children of the same age and sex creates a clear picture of where your child falls in the developmental process. 

All kids grow and develop a bit differently, but if your little one is consistently outside the range of their peers, your practitioner may recommend additional screening options. Many conditions are best treated in the early stages, which is part of why routine pediatric care is so important. 

As your child moves into the later phases of childhood, your pediatric specialist continues to track development. Once your child communicates clearly, they make every effort to include them in the discussion and process, empowering them to take control of their health and wellness. 

What do I do when my child is sick or injured?

Part of pediatric care includes acute care visits, commonly called sick visits. When your child isn’t feeling well, bring them in for a prompt diagnostic workup. If they’re sick or injured, the provider discusses how you can best support them as they recover.

Advanced diagnostic tools enable the Ancuram Family Medicine team to swiftly identify the source of symptoms and get your child on a path toward relief. If your child is unwell or in pain, call the office to see if a same-day visit is an option, and keep in mind that online booking is available for less time-sensitive scheduling needs.